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SEO is the process of designing and marketing your website in order to comply witth the search engine guidelines. This process will increase the quality and reputation of your website in the "eyes" of the search engins and the result will be a higher position of your site in the search engine results.

The SEO process must be done continously by a professional team. If you're looking for quality SEO at an affrodable price, the Indonesian SEO companies (known as "Jasa SEO Indonesia") are one of the best options.

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Below you can find the most reputable SEO and online marketing companies in Indonesia, along with SEO tips, tutorials and information. Feel free to add more Indonesian SEO companies.




Company Information




Kwyword analysis and optimization, content optimization, competitor analysis, SERP and traffic improvment, SEO maintenance.


Foxtail Marketing

SEO for e-commerce, SEO for enterprise companies, SEO for forex companies, social media management, content marketing, sales funnel optimization.


Next Digital

Search engine marketing, social media marketing, Youtube ads, website development, mobile apps marketing, remarketing.


Specialis SEO

On page and off page SEO, Keyword analysis, backlink building, PPC management, social media marketing.



Website SEO optimization, link building, social media marketing, keyword targeting, sitemap generator, content creation.



Keyword optimization, website audit, content optimization, link building, report & analysis, social media marketing, customized digital marketing.


Island Media Management

search ehgine optimization, social media marketing, web design, paid advertising.



Online reputation management, social media marketing, pay per click services, link building services, search engine optimization, local business SEO


Bali Optimizer

Website design, website optimization, off-page optimization, content optimization, social media submission, page rank analysis.



SEO consulting, keyword research, link building, PPC advertising, digital marketing, video SEO, online reputation management.

These Search Engine Optimization Tips Will Make Your Site More Popular

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to rising up the ranks of the major search engines. Getting your site to show on even the 5th page of results requires a strong understanding of SEO principles and a determination to implement improvements. Here we’ll go over a few of tricks to help you become king of the jungle.

Make your website work on the most basic of browser. Turn off CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Java, ActiveX, and take a look at your site. If you can’t get around then it’s possible a percentage of your audience won’t be able to get around, either. Keep your website accessible to everyone who wishes to view it.

When working towards making your site optimized for search engines, remember that search engine users and search engine spiders have similarities in what they find appealing. Both love keywords. Keywords are what powers listing since search engine spiders feed on them. Because search engine users use keywords in their search, if your site has been optimized, ... read more

What Do Search Engines Want?

Search engine optimization is the ever-changing process of trying to give search engines exactly what they want. SEO has changed a lot since the first days of the Internet. Website owners and designers used to be able to include something called “metatags” – but now if you start metatagging you’ll be blacklisted in a hurry. Many of the SEO tricks and tips that used to be important are now irrelevant, and we can expect that today’s SEO strategies will also change. This makes SEO seem like an impossible task, but the fact is that there is one bottom line to stay focused on: give search engines what they want and you’ll be optimizing your website for relevant searches.

Content That Makes Sense

The problem with metatags is that they were inserted into the background of a website just to attract attention. A porn website could put metatags in their site and draw every Google search for any random Internet search. Maybe you searched for “cute monkeys” because a cute monkey v... read more

Search Engine Optimization Is Not Very Hard: Learn About It With These Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a confusing language for a new business person, but having knowledge of it will help you succeed. With a bevy of tips and the right tools, you can overhaul your site to make it friendlier to search engines, ultimately leading to more traffic.

A site map is an important part of your website if you want search engines to be able to create an index of your site pages. Also known as a navigation bar, a site map allows search engines to find pages from any other page of your site. Having a site map could have a significant impact on your website’s search rankings, regardless of how few webpages the website has.

The text on your site should be large enough for most people to read. If you want a higher rank you need to make your content easy to use and understandable. Include user functions such as the ability to make the text bigger. Your site should be optimized, not only for search engines, but also for your visitors.

Good search engine... read more

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